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Phase 2, La Costa Del Golfo

  Three seasons have passed since Arthur and I hung up our kayaks over the sand in a palapa at the beach called Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres. We lived in those boats for 4 1/2 months along 2200 miles of the US and Mexican coastline of the Gulf of Mexico and finally got them home to Louisiana thanks to the overland efforts of Rafael Mier Maza of Mayan Seas Kayaks in Veracruz.
     In May we will cartop the boats down to Key West and start phase 2 of La Costa Del Golfo. That means another three months of paddling, up the gulfcoast of Florida, then along the coasts of Alabama and Mississippi to Louisiana, around the great Mississippi River delta and back to Grand Isle from whence we commenced.
     Since last July we have worked in Louisiana. Janell and I had lived for years in a tiny little concrete cell block of a house in Baton Rouge. Thanks to Arthur's construction knowledge, direction, and intense masterful work, that house is now a masterpiece. We will move back into it soon and then I will be freed by Janell to recommence paddling the rest of La Costa Del Golfo.
     In the last several months we have paddled little. Arthur kayaked a few days on the historic Bayou Lafourche and together we taught kayaking for a long weekend at a "Becoming An Outdoor Woman" conference. Sleeping in soft beds, showering in warm “agua purificada”, driving self-propelled autos and cooking with gas have come again to feel normal. The transition to life on and about the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico will be an abrupt and dramatic one, and we look forward to it.
     As before, we will keep regular posts coming in to this website to keep you up on a very different part of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We paddle from Key West on May 23, island hopping towards the mainland and then head north. This expedition has been made possible by the help of a host of folk. We hope to meet up with many of y'all along the eastern and northern bits of gulf. Please contact us via the website forum or via email at lcdgyst@hotmail.com so we can make it happen.

Larry Koenig